Springfield Eco Warriors

Worthing Beach Clean Event September 2017

Thank you to the families who joined Mrs Lakin at the Great Beach Clean on Saturday 16th September.

Over 100 volunteers from the community joined together to clean sections of the beach. In just one hour our group managed to collect 2kg of litter on just one section of the beach! We all learned the importance of dealing with our rubbish properly and the devastating effects that rubbish can have on wildlife. We also completed a survey for the Sussex Wildlife Trust who wanted to know about the mermaid purses (shark and ray egg sacks) that we found on the beach. Our team worked very hard and it was a successful morning. The team are now great advocates for making sure people bin/recycle their rubbish rather than leaving it on our beautiful beach. The children who joined me, along with their families and friend, were Connie Keevil, Jacob Harris and Adrian Newton-Tournie.

July 2017 

This year both the Eco Warriors and children from across the school have been working hard on our school grounds.

We have continued making use of the eco-garden growing onions, tomatoes, dwarf beans and herbs and around the playground.  We have grown more tomatoes, broad beans and potatoes.  Particularly successful have been the tubs of petunias and marigolds, all grown from seed by the children.

The children were intrigued by the idea of planting flowers in old welly boots!  They made the playground very attractive and the children were keen to find their old boots and see what was growing in them.  We sold lots of the welly boots at the Summer Fayre, along with other plants we had grown or were donated.  We raised a fantastic £65.50 which we are going to put towards a tool shed once we have raised the rest of the money.

We have installed a new compost bin that has been made from recycled pallets.  The children will be learning about what can go into compost, how to look after the compost bin, the stages of composting and how we can use the compost afterwards.  The bin can be added to, so once the first bin is full, we can start a second one while we wait for the first bin to finish decomposing.