Mental Health Awareness Week 5th November – 9th November 2018



This week we will be spending some time with the Children talking about Mental Health and what it means. 

We will be focusing on the children being creative and understanding their feelings and emotions.

The children will be taught to identify these feelings and be given a range of tools and strategies to help them process and manage their emotions.

We will be linking this to the characters in the film ‘Inside Out’ and the children will have a ‘Feelings Thermometer’ to recognise and discuss their own emotions. Each class has a ‘Worry Monster’ that the children can use to highlight to an adult if they need to discuss any worries they may have.

There will be an opportunity for parents to join us for actives during the week. Please see the Springfield Calendar for more information. Alternatively you can speak with your child’s class teacher for further details.

Being Yourself Is the Best Person to Be!

Feeling good about ourselves and recognising our special qualities is one of the ways that we can keep our minds healthy and happy. We will be promoting lots of activities to encourage self-esteem and confidence.

What Is Mental Health?

People might be feeling excited, happy, content, safe or loved. They might be happy about themselves and proud of all their good qualities. These are comfortable thoughts and feelings.

People might be feeling worried, afraid, stressed, sad or lonely. They might find it difficult to think positively about themselves. These are uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Did you know…

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Please click through to see some of the activities that have taken place through out the School as part of Mental Health Week 

Author Visit

 During Springfield Week we were excited to be visited by a real author, Jo FitzGerald. When she visited Turtle class she shared one of her books called ‘Cold toes at Christmas.’ Jo started by asking what we like about Christmas and who we share Christmas with. We all sat and listened carefully to the story and enjoyed hearing the rhyme in the book. The story ending surprised us all!  Jo encouraged us to write our own stories and said we could all be authors one day.

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How To Keep Safe…In a Sometimes Scary World

Cold Toes at Christmas

Laughter Yoga 

We all had great fun at Laughter Yoga, we acted out silly songs, made silly faces and spent the whole time laughing! We all felt really good afterwards.

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Breakfast Morning 

On Monday 5th November, parents were invited to join their children to take part in a breakfast of porridge and fruit. Waitrose very generously donated a wide selection of breakfast items so that every child in the School had a Healthy start to their day. We would like to give a special thank you to Lee from Waitrose for helping this to be such a success.

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We were very lucky to be joined by the some of the Bohunt students and enjoyed listening to them play. We even got the chance to experiment with some of their instruments! 

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Duckling’s Mental Health Week

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On Thursday the whole school were lucky enough to take part in whole class yoga sessions.  We practiced calming our center and talked about managing our feelings.

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